London Police Investigate Reported UFO Crash, Discover It's a Pizza Oven

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Police in Southwest London's Kingston thought they were about to have one of the biggest moments in their lives, when they were called to the site of a reported UFO crash-landing smack dab in the middle of one of the city's intersections.

"Have Kingston Police recovered the first UFO!? Last night at around midnight, a concerned member of the public called us on 999 stating that there was an unknown item on fire in the middle of the road," they shared, along with pics of the possible UFO on Facebook. "Officers from Emergency Response Team A were dispatched along with the London Fire Brigade. When they arrived on scene, they couldn't believe their eyes! The officers ... described the item as looking like a crash-landed UFO!"

Immediately, the post garnered a ton of interested, because it definitely does look like a UFO. A majorly pimped-out one, but a UFO nonetheless.

Upon further investigation, they discovered that it was actually a pizza oven. So, now the UFO investigation turns to a 'WTF' project because seriously, how the f**k did a pizza oven land upside-down in the middle of the street? Is it some sort of futuristic pizza delivery service gone wrong? Or did it just take off on its own like a wannabe hot air balloon? Still no conclusions on that front yet. Maybe the aliens were trying to bring pizza?


Sadly, the oven didn't even come bearing gifts. The police department shared this disappointing update on their Facebook page.

Darn! Can't win for losing...

Have Kingston Police recovered the first UFO!?Last night at around midnight a concerned member of the public called us...

Posted by Kingston Police on Saturday, October 17, 2015
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