This Is What Thousands of Years of Makeup Looks Like

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We've come along way when it comes to makeup, from times when women were not allowed to wear a single touch of powder on their faces to periods when the upper class adorned their visages with every product they could - no matter how dangerous. In her new video Lisa Elridge, professional makeup artist and the author of Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, takes a look at how beauty trends and our attitudes toward them have evolved throughout history.
Female applying red lipstick, close upWe'll just say this: Thank God it's no longer the middle ages.

Far back in ancient times, the Egyptians were artists when it came to their makeup. Both men and women were no strangers to wearing heavy kohl around the eyes (the original cat-eye, some may say), and they had no problem experimenting with their looks. Too bad they never learned to contour!

Fast forward to medieval times, and makeup is suddenly considered a tactic of sinful, seductive women. But that didn't stop ladies from trying to achieve the "ethereal" look of the period. Many women experimented with homemade concoctions to make their skin bright, luminous and blemish-free. But, that was about it - definitely the reason they called it the Dark Ages.

Luckily, the Renaissance in Venice brought a time of more bright and bold styles for ladies and their makeup. Venetian women of the upper class had lots of fun making their cheeks as bold and red as possible, with foundation both expensive, exclusive and highly toxic to the skin.
Multi Coloured Eye Shadow Palette and BrushWhen we finally hit the Victorian period, it seems like makeup reverts back to medieval ways. A highly conservative period, women were not allowed to wear makeup. But because beauty products are the best, women found subtle ways to get around this code of decorum, pinching cheeks or biting lips for color was the norm, or employing subtly tinted lip balm.

But finally, when we reached the '20s, women getting the vote also ushered in a period of dramatic makeup, with dark eyes, thin brows and pale skin. You can definitely say we entered in a golden age of makeup, with trends changing from each decade thereafter until we reach today where just about any style is accepted, as long as you're being you.

Who knew makeup has changed so much?


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