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5 Ways to Avoid Being Late to School

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Being late for school is no fun in high school, especially in mine. When we're late, we have to go to the office and scan our IDs. Out comes a tardy slip for us to give to our teachers. It's really annoying, especially if you're only like two minutes late; you can't be admitted to class until you go get a tardy slip. I thought of some things to avoid being constantly tardy.

No. 1: Get a Good Night's Sleep
Girl sleeping on the bed with a book
We all know if you're tired in the morning, you're not going to want to get up. Trust me; it's really hard to get through the day with, like, two hours of sleep. Some things that help me go to sleep are reading a book, writing in a journal and taking a hot shower.

No. 2: Set an Alarm
young woman with alarm clock in bedThis is kind of obvious; setting an alarm wakes you up in time. Make sure to set a great sounding ringtone. Maybe it's just me, but the buzzer on my clock puts me in a bad mood.

No. 3: Set Your Makeup Out the Night Before
Makeup bag on white background, UKTo avoid not having enough time for your makeup routine or scrambling to find your foundation in your makeup bag, try this: Set your makeup out the night before, so in the morning you can just quickly grab and apply. Do the same with your clothes; don't wait till morning to pick out your outfit.

No. 4: Put Your Keys Some Place Obvious
Kitchen Counter with car keysMake sure to put your keys somewhere you remember and is easy to find. I can't tell you how many times I misplaced my car keys and was late to school. It puts you in such a bad mood. Put them somewhere you can find, so when you're ready, you can quickly grab and go - same goes with your back pack and essentials.

No. 5: Eat Breakfast
Woman eating breakfast and using phone at home.I am such a hypocrite with this because I never have time for breakfast, but make sure to eat something before you leave! Breakfast can really make a difference. The days I actually have time for breakfast, I feel so much better in first hour, and I'm not constantly thinking about lunch. You also avoid temptation of skipping your morning classes to go eat something.

Hope this helps. Please share on social media if you find this helpful and to support me. <3 Make sure to leave a comment on what you think! I'd love some advice feedback and tips. :)

Thanks for reading- Victoria :)
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