Friends Rescued This College Student By Using an iPhone App

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You have a ton of built-in apps on your iPhone that you may never think to use. You may, however, be surprised by just how handy these Apple-made apps can be - especially in a crisis. According to HerCampus, students at Georgia Tech were able to find their missing friend just by using an iPhone app. Talk about tech game on point.

James "Jimmy" Hubert, a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Georgia Tech, can thank his pals for their tech skills, because ultimately that's what saved him from serious trouble. After Jimmy wasn't seen for 48 hours following a sorority party, his friends in the fraternity got worried and posted about his disappearance on Facebook. Though the police were contacted, they would not begin their search until Monday morning, days after Jimmy was last seen over the weekend. Fortunately, two of Jimmy's friends had an idea that ultimately saved his life.

After hearing that Jimmy was missing, his former high school classmates Emma Jeffrey and Alexandria Vandelinde decided to do their own sleuthing. After learning that Jimmy had his date's cellphone in his pocket, Emma and Alexandria decided to use the date's Find My Phone app to track down the last known location of the iPhone. The girls searched the area around where the iPhone was last located, which was seven miles away from the party near train tracks. The girls were about to give up when they finally spotted Jimmy, who was injured and unable to move.

Jimmy was in rough shape when his friends found him, as he needed treatment for hypothermia and other injuries, but has reportedly undergone surgery and is doing much better. The story is proof that technology can help us out in the most unexpected of ways. While I hope that most of us will only ever use the Find My Phone app to track our phone after accidentally leaving it at a friend's house, it's good to know that it can help us out in a more critical situation.
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