Watch These Guys Fail Miserably As They Try to Explain Female Contraceptives

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It's a good thing girls are on the ball, because if birth control was left entirely up to guys, there would be a major baby boom happening right now! Case in point: this video, where guys try to figure out various female contraception methods.

It's cute and funny as they fumble over it, but we also appreciate the fact that it shows how confusing all of it is, because we've all been there, and we were JUST as baffled by it as they are. The only difference is that we're tasked with trying to figure it all out since, you know, it's our bodies that are affected by the whole situation.

But yeah, sitting there in the doctor's office as they explain the various hormone-releasing devices and the different places they can shove them into your's a lot to take in. And it's scary. Not to mention the discussions about the potential side-effects of each option.

These guys pretty much capture that way we all felt during that first appointment, with a lot of the same questions we had.

We highly doubt these guys (and any others who watch the video) will ever complain about condoms being inconvenient EVER again!


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