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Things They Never Tell You About Therapy

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When I was 10 years old, my parents got divorced, and immediately my mom enrolled my siblings and me into therapy. I hated it because I thought that I didn't need to be there. Slowly I learned to just talk to my therapist, tell her about my days, things that I liked, things that I was scared of; suddenly she became a best friend who told me what I needed to hear.

While I was 10, I kept my therapist a secret from all of my friends because I thought that it would make me an outcast. When I was roughly 15, I started going days and then weeks when I would just feel sad and not like myself. Immediately I turned to my mother and told her that I wanted to start therapy back up again, and she said she would call up a therapist and make me an appointment. It helped to have someone to talk to and for my therapist to tell me that I was not weird.

I decided to not keep this therapist a secret. If I was invited somewhere during therapy, I would tell my friends that I was sorry but I had a therapy appointment. More than half of my sessions were me just talking about my day and discovering myself. It didn't always have to be about my issues, but it was nice to have someone who would do a weekly check-in with me. When I told my friends that I was in therapy, one of them actually pulled me aside and asked more about it. She was having thoughts of suicide and was not sure if therapy was the path for her, but the fact that I was able to do it gave her so much comfort.
When I was 18, I was diagnosed with anxiety and had to go to a psychiatrist in order to be put on medicine. Because of my past experiences with therapy, this was not nearly as daunting of a visit. They never tell you that you are weird, that you might not even think anything is wrong, but it's OK to just want someone to talk to. You're not alone. They never tell you that it may be scary, and it is normal to be scared, but it is worth overcoming your fear.
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