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6 Things I Did My First Year as an Adult

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Guess what Internet? Today is my birthday. Since I'm finally 19, I thought I would look back on the top six meaningful things I did as an 18-year-old.

6. I tested out the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet. Thanks to the Contemporary Science Fiction Club at Fordham University, I got to see the brain in virtual reality. It was the coolest thing ever for a nerd like me. But, the machine totally messes up your hair.5. I went to Z100's Jingle Ball. I had to go. Five Seconds of Summer was playing, so I had to go. Embarrassingly, it was my 10th time hearing "She Looks So Perfect" live. On top of seeing 5SOS, I saw the incredibly talented Taylor Swift. She has such stage presence, it is amazing. My seats were sky high, and I still felt her energy. Who could forget Shawn Mendes? He was incredible, but his set list was so short.4. I met Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. As a fan of PLL from the beginning, I was so starstruck. She said hi to me, and I suddenly forgot the English language. Lucky, I remembered it a second later and managed to say hi back.3. I saw One Direction live for the third time. Anyone who knows me knows I am a total directioner, so once tickets went on sale, I was ready for the ticket war. I knew I had to see them on the road again (yes, the pun is intended). I got really good seats for my friend and me; they were not catwalk seats but were close enough.

I wore probably the most shameful shirt there is, the "Marry Me Harry" shirt. I surprisingly got a lot of compliments about my outfit. Shout out to the girl who sat behind me and screamed, "OH MY GOD your shirt is perfect! Harry is totally going to notice you." That girl has to have magic powers because Harry Styles did. I almost died. Harry is known for mocking fans, but I never expected him to mock me. I blew him a kiss but raised my hand up and back instead of forward like a normal person, and he did it back. This happened toward the end of the second to last song, so the rest of the concert involved everyone around me screaming louder than normal and shaking me.2. I met Tyler Oakley. I met the queen of YouTube. It happened last week, and I still think it was a dream.1. I became a Cambio Campus Ambassador. I love being an ambassador. I get to write for an amazing magazine. Everyone on the Cambio team is so nice and welcoming. The #BUILTBYGIRLS movement is so empowering. I am so happy and grateful to be part of such a wonderful online and real life community.

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