Could This Facebook Feature Put Twitter Out Of Business?

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Facebook's news notification feature finally has a name: Notify. The news app is an attempt to drive more engagement with readers to their favorite media outlets. This sounds pretty basic, but the real value of the app lies within Facebook's mobile popularity.

Facebook's app is downloaded on more mobile devices than most news apps, and states that in addition, most mobile users will have their Facebook app notifications turned on versus other news apps. The Verge also points out that news outlets with a strong app presence like Buzzfeed may even use Facebook's Notify due to the higher likeliness of a user having their notifications turned on.

Facebook is starting to streamline several different services with their latest releases, including a beta shopping feature, enhancements for Facebook Pages, and a live-streaming tool for celebrities and public figures. These types of features are high-traffic drivers to the platform and produce an extreme high level of engagement.

Ian Somerhalder, philanthropist and star of The Cw Networks The Vampire Diaries, recently did a Facebook Mentions live stream to urge fans in Louisiana to get out and vote in their local elections. The stream (as of October 27) has over 1.6 millions views, and he had another Facebook Mentions live stream on October 20 that has over 1 million views.

Imagine if Facebook Notify worked with celebrity pages you subscribed to? I would have participated in Ian's Facebook Mentions live stream had I known it was going on, and a simple push notification to my phone that took me directly to the stream would be a simple, fast way to get me to the platform and engaged. And no, I wouldn't just watch because of Ian's perfect, piercing blue eyes. It would totally be for his message ...

Twitter's Periscope (Twitter acquired the service in January of this year) aims to do the same thing - engage followers through live streaming. It had a strong launch earlier this year, with several celebrity endorsements. The app currently has over 10 million users, but as of August (reported by, only 2 million of those users are active. With Facebook mentions and the Notify feature - could Periscope be in trouble? Twitter did just lay off almost 400 people ...

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