This Healing Cream Could Be the Answer to Your Winter Skin Woes

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There are a lot of skin-saving creams on the market, but June Jacobs's Rapid Repair Healing Cream is not only effective, the personal story behind it will give you all the feels.

June developed her cream with June Jacobs Chief Science Officer Rose Apolito while suffering from chemo burns during her breast cancer treatment. June wanted something powerful to combat the side effects including sloughing (the shedding of dead skin), blackening and reddening of the skin that's normal when undergoing radiation therapy. June began using her own formula on the eighth treatment. By the 23rd session, she reports seeing a "dramatic" change.

June's oncologist, Dr. John Ng, even handed out samples to his patients, saying that the cream has helped prevent the acute redness stage and hardening of the skin on some women.

"June's healing cream is much better than Aquaphor - the healing cream has a better feel, less greasiness," says Dr. John. "Also, Aquaphor doesn't prevent the redness nor help the skin recover the way the healing cream does. The patients tell me they don't like the residue feeling of Aquaphor, whereas June's healing cream goes on easily and immediately feels revitalizing. I'm not familiar with Cerave, but we do use Alara and Calendula here...I notice significantly less redness and faster healing when the patients use June's healing cream vs. the other creams."

While powerful enough for radiation burns, the super soothing, clinically tested cream was formulated for sensitive skin to improve skin texture and tone, so it can be used by anyone. Rose suggests applying after sun or cold weather exposure and as a daily lotion.

"The key to our success here is the unique combination of ingredients that are highlighted by our patented antioxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts," says Rose. "This, in union with the "survival star" (edelweiss) flower, native only to the Swiss Alps, helps to protect and fight against the daily external aggressors we are exposed to."

Pick up a tube of this #BUILTBYGIRLS ultra-moisturizing cream this month, and 50 percent of the net proceeds from will be donated to breast cancer research: 25 percent goes to the Anne Moore Breast Cancer Research Fund and 25 percent to Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The Rapid Repair Healing Cream is $60 and can be purchased on the June Jacobs website.


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