Sweet! This Cup Makes Your Brain Think Water Tastes Way Better

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If there's one health goal that I should really set for myself, it's to drink way more water. I'm totally hooked on Diet Coke and should probably swap out the artificially sweetened beverage for some good old fashioned H20 for my own sake. That's why this new invention sounds totally up my alley: this new cup can make your water taste awesome, and the way it does it is brilliant.

The invention, called the Right Cup, wafts fruity aromas into your nose which come directly from the plastic in the cup. The idea behind this magic cup is simple: instead of forcing oneself to drink a ton of plain water, why not trick your brain into thinking that it's tasting something even better?

You can thank biology for making this invention possible. Since our tongues only understand salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami experiences, the rest of what we call taste comes from what we smell. Simply pour in regular water and drink from the cup to experience "taste" that is calorie and sugar free.‚Äč The cup will come in four fruity flavors, so you can switch up what you taste without sacrificing your health.
The Right Cup isn't currently on the market, but the company is planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to get the cup to the masses. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for the cup to experience a similar concept. Instead of downing flavored soda for your sweet kick, why not infuse plain water with mixed berries, mint, or lemon? You'll get the bonus of flavor with very little calories.

The Right Cup sounds like a great way to cut back on sugary beverages, but until it hits the market, we may have to experiment with other ways to get better tasting water.
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