Target's Amazing Halloween Ad Features a Model With a Disability As Elsa

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Target continues to impress us with their marketing materials, as the big box retailer made headlines last year when they featured a toddler with Down Syndrome in one of their ads. And in their Halloween ad this year, they feature an adorable Halloween costume model, who also happens to have a disability.

The little girl, dressed in an Elsa (from Frozen) costume, is leaning on her arm crutches and looks ready to get her trick-or-treat on!

Fans took to Twitter to thank Target and show their appreciation for the awesome ad:
On Facebook, it was more of the same:

"I just want to give props to Target. I don't know if this is regularly in their ads. Maybe I haven't paid attention to it before. But, this is awesome! Way to include diverse kids in your Halloween ad," one person commented on their page.

"Dear Target, I love you. Thank you for including a child with braces and arm crutches into your advertising campaign! And as Elsa, no less! Including children with special needs into advertising makes them less of a spectacle to the general public when they venture out into the real world. Normalizing disabilities in children is PRICELESS," another shared.

While we definitely love Target for leading the charge, we look forward to the day when ads like this are the norm.
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