This 11-Year-Old Girl Helps Make Passwords Tougher to Crack

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Let's be real: most of us are guilty of making passwords that our BFF could figure out in a few minutes. It may be easy to remember "ILoveHarryStyles," but it's definitely not the password that is keeping your information most secure. Now a business and tech savvy 11-year-old girl is giving you the solution to passwords no one will figure out so say goodbye to easy, breezy "secret codes."

New York City sixth grader Mira Modi decided to create a website after studying the password method known as DiceWare. Created by Arnold G. Reinhold, the method involves using a series of words assigned randomly for your password. In order to do this, you would roll a dice five times, and then look up that associated five-digit number in the DiceWare dictionary, which corresponds to a word. It is recommended that a password be six words long in order to be secure, which is where Mira comes in. Mira will do all of the tedious dice rolling for you, and then mail you your new secure password for $2. In order to make sure your password is totally secure - yes, even from Mira! - you need to add some additional characters or upper case letters in order to make it totally unique.

As for whether you can make these passwords yourself, well, you totally can - it just may take a while. That's what inspired Mira to start this business: her mom was too lazy to do all the password-creating work, so she asked Mira to do it for her. At $2 a password, it's definitely not a bad move for the sixth grader.

It's awesome that this girl is encouraging people to be smarter with their passwords, and even cooler that she's creating a business at an age where recess is still a thing. I can only imagine what Mira will be up to 10 years down the line: we may have another Silicon Valley superstar on our hands.
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