We're Freaking Out Over 'Freaks of Nature' Starring Nicholas Braun, Vanessa Hudgens and More

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This is not your typical zombies vs. vampires movie.

Freaks of Nature is about Dillford, a town where zombies, vampires and humans all live together, in peace. That is until an apocalypse hits town. Now it's up to three teens - one human (Nicholas Braun), one zombie (Josh Fadem) and one vampire (Mackenzie Davis) have to work together to find a way to get rid of their unwanted visitors. The film also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Ed Westwick and Chris Zylka.

Luckily, we were wanted visitors who got to visit the set of Freaks of Nature when they were shooting back in October 2013.
Director Robbie Pickering watches playback with a bloodied Mackenzie Davis on the set of Columbia Pictures' "Freaks of Nature."Director Robbie Pickering explained what was going through his mind for this project. "The idea of the movie is that we all hate each other. I always thought it was a weird dichotomy that these groups co-exist." But why the interest in zombies and vampires? "I saw all these projects being made with them and I thought if people were into that, I wanted to write my version of whatever that is," writer Oren Uziel said. "The initial image was these three kids inside a room, looking out a window. I wanted to find something that would appeal to all three of them - they were all looking at a giant creature with a brain in it, giant neck and huge boobs. They were all lusting at this creature."

And it sounds like Robbie and Oren found the perfect people for those roles. "What's been surprising to me about the movie so far is that nobody has been an asshole. Everybody is really sweet, but comically, they're all hitting the right note."
Nick Braun and Vanessa Hudgens in Columbia Pictures' "Freaks of Nature.""We have Nicholas, who plays Dag, the all American human boy who got a growth spurt and is now one of the coolest guys at school, but isn't comfortable with it yet. Mackenzie, who plays Petra who's a vampire, but she's a newby. And Josh, who plays Ned and is an isolated kid who becomes a zombie." Vanessa plays Dag's love interest, Lorelei. "What surprised me about Vanessa is how funny she is."

The set of Freaks of Nature was a bit, well, freaky. The cast and crew really gave it their all. "We're not going for the middle of the road type s**t that you seen a lot of lately," Robbie said. "When this comes out, whatever people say about it, one thing they won't say is that we didn't go for it. It's weird, gory, raunchy and really funny. We didn't want to be pussies about it." Go big or go home, right?

Freaks of Nature will be out on October 30.


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