This One-Legged Guy Comes Up With the Most Epic Halloween Costumes Ever

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Josh Sundquist lost one of his legs to bone cancer when he was just nine years old. While Josh's situation is nothing short of tragic, he's now 31 years old and has not only has he adjusted to living life with one leg, he also knows that laughter is the best medicine. As a motivational speaker, an author and a guy with an awesome sense of humor, he's managed to find little things to laugh at, despite his sad circumstance.

For example, he posts funny memes on his website (like a one-pedal bike that he knows nobody is gonna wanna steal) and he also creates epic Halloween costumes that nobody with two legs could EVER pull off. In fact, on top of his Facebook page, it says "When life hands you lemons, make awesome Halloween costumes," and that's exactly what he does.

Last year, he was a foosball player:

With this year's Halloween costume, I'm really trying to raise the bar.

A photo posted by Josh Sundquist (@joshsundquist) on

And the year before that? A flamingo...

When life hands you lemons, make awesome Halloween costumes. #AmputeeHalloween

A photo posted by Josh Sundquist (@joshsundquist) on

In 2012, he was the leg lamp from A Christmas Story: And in 2010, he was the half-eaten Gingerbread cookie/character from Shrek:

I'm not sure I'll ever top my 2010 Halloween costume.P.S. One random person who likes this will win a free Amputee Gingerbread Man t-shirt (!

Posted by Josh Sundquist on Saturday, October 27, 2012

This year, though, he's really outdone himself, and he dressed as "IHOP," get it?

It's a sign. #halloween

A video posted by Josh Sundquist (@joshsundquist) on

For Josh, it might not end at IHOP this year, though. On his Facebook page, fans asked why he didn't do a couples costume with his wife (they're newlyweds!) and he replied, "Check back on Halloween (Saturday). I think you will be pleased." We will definitely check back and something tells us we won't be disappointed!

(h/t BuzzFeed)
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