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The Very Worthwhile Reason Echosmith and Hollister Co. Are Teaming Up

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Bullying is an increasingly large issue in our society. Twenty-eight percent of U.S. students in grades 6–12 report that they've experienced it. With innovations like new technology and Internet, the amount of pre-teens and teens potentially susceptible to bullying has jumped dramatically (enter the term "cyber-bullying"). It's even more of an issue now, than it was years ago.

If you're going to combat cyber bullies, it's best to team up with a fashionable AF brand and fierce front woman. You know, "relate to the kids" and all. Hollister Co. is excited to announce their partnership with indie-pop band Echosmith on a nationwide anti-bullying campaign, All Equal. Alongside Echosmith, Hollister Co. designed a capsule collection of men's and women's graphic T-shirts that feature inspirational messages to help raise awareness around anti-bullying.
For those parents who've hijacked their kids' laptop and found themselves on Cambio (not cool, parents, not cool), we'll explain who Echosmith is. Formed in 2009, Echosmith is a band hailing from Chino, Calif., comprised of four siblings. Signed under Warner Bros., this band has been up and coming and has been on major tours in the past. Their partnership with Hollister Co. is just another achievement on their list.

Fortunately, we got to talk with lead singer Sydney Sierota about the campaign as well as everything and anything about being a musician.
"When Hollister reached out to partner with us for this campaign, we were so excited," Sydney said. "It was an obvious yes for us, and we were excited to have the opportunity to make a difference in our fans lives."

But why Hollister Co.?

"Hollister is doing a lot of great things right now. You even look at their Twitter, and they are just trying to encourage their followers all the time, which I think is awesome," she said. "They've put real resources into this campaign, and it's admirable for sure!"

Just by referencing the simple statistics, everyone most likely has come into contact with bullying in their lifetimes, whether it be witnessing someone being bullied or even being the bully. Even the lead singers of famous indie-pop bands get bullied too, which doesn't make it right, but unveils that it is a universal problem.

"I think everyone goes through bullying at some point, whether that is being bullied by themselves with that negative voice inside or someone else," Sydney said. "Growing up, some kids loved to make fun of my big teeth, or my big hair. Also with what we do, some people say all kinds of unkind things on the Internet about you."

Beyond having personal experience with bullying, Sydney also is the only girl in the band. The music industry is dominated by male artists and producers; however, in 2015, this may be changing. With the shifting scope of the music industry, females are becoming more and more present in every aspect.

"I actually feel like women in music are killing it right now. Most voices I am hearing on the radio are girls, which is clearly awesome. With bands themselves, technically there may be less girls involved, but that just gives us few girls even more of a voice and ability to stand out," Sydney said. "Artists have an opportunity to use their platform for good, and I think some forget that they can use their voice to make the world a better place. That's what our band is all about."

Sydney handles the responsibility of being the only girl in the band with grace; she doesn't let it affect her performance, yet she still rocks dresses and always looks on point. Also, just because she does wear dresses every now and then, doesn't mean she's any less of a musician than the boys. It definitely means she has better taste in shoes though - but you didn't hear that from us.

So are you a female musician looking to break down barriers? Are you confused with where to start? Wherever you are right now and wherever you want to be, the key is patience.

"Patience is key. Having a voice that means something makes the biggest difference when going for your dreams," Sydney said. "Find who you want to be and represent and own it."
Blurryface Tour 2015 - AtlantaBesides partnering with Hollister Co., with an inspiring message for fans and Sydney supporting female musicians alike, Echosmith is always on the move. From tour to tour, city to city, there is always something on their agenda. While playing a show to a venue full of people who support your work must be amazing nonetheless, there has to be some spots Echosmith looks forward to.

"Of course we love going to L.A., our hometown, but it's hard to pick just one. Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam shows are always special," Sydney said. "The excitement from fans there is extra crazy because they've waited a long time for the show and the excitement just builds and builds."

Overall, Echosmith is not just a band that writes excellent songs that you have probably heard on the radio. They support awareness for a national epidemic that affects most children and teens, that demographic that primarily makes up their fan base. Voices and platforms like that of Echosmith's are important to campaigns like anti-bullying ones.

Bullying is not an issue that is dissolving or mitigating anytime soon, but with the help of voices like Echosmith's, it will get better.

Find out more about the campaign by watching the Youtube video below.
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