How to Score Urban Decay's Naked Vault Volume II Even When It's Sold Out

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We have prayed to the makeup goddesses, and they have listened, because Urban Decay just released its second Naked Vault set, and it is absolute magic. Needless to say, we are freaking out at the moment in light of such mind-blowing news...trying to keep our cool...

Urban Decay, just take our money now, because we just died and went to eyeshadow heaven!

If you thought the first Naked Vault set was good, you haven't seen anything yet, our lady friends. Last year's bomb of a beauty kit included all three naked palettes, along with three different Flushed Palettes, three lip glosses and three 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils (yes, you did count right, that is 12 products total). But now, virtual drum roll please...
The second Naked Vault, which the geniuses over at Urban Decay are calling Volume II, has Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, the new Naked Smoky Palette you've been dying to get your hands on and Naked Basics 1 and 2. Yes, we may be missing out on the lip-love of the last vault set, but goodness, this set is enough to cater our eyeshadow needs for a lifetime. All of Urban Decay's best naked palettes are now at your disposable, in one box.

It gets even better.

Last year's Naked Vault ran around $280, which many fans were not so enthused about. Overall, you were saving around $90, which is great, but some wanted more bang for their buck. Volume II definitely gives it to us. Costing $165, Volume II saves you a total of $109, which says something when each Naked palette runs for $54.
And for those of you who have a Naked palette already (because who doesn't?), Volume II could definitely still be worth your while. With the holidays coming up, giving palettes that you already have as gifts will sure to make your friends love you forever.

But...before you bust out your credit cards, it seems as though Volume II is already sold out. Is that really any surprise? Something as brilliant as this couldn't have been on the market for long. Right now, there are three options of how you can still get it.

The first is to search eBay, but currently many members from the site are selling it for more than it's worth (between $300 to $500).
The second is to create your own Volume II Vault, which will cost a total of $274 for all of the products. It's not as much of a bargain as the Vault itself, but it's cheaper then it's going for on eBay.

The third, which we will be doing, is hope and PRAY back to those makeup goddesses that Sephora restocks soon. If they granted us a miracle once, they can grant it again! As for us...we'll be refreshing our browser every three seconds hoping that our product will come back.


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