How to Try Out a Permanent Tattoo Without Actually Getting It

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A photo posted by @momentary_ink on

Are you lusting for a tattoo but too scared to pull the trigger? You're not alone. Jordan Denny wanted to to get a tattoo but didn't know what to get or where to put it. This is seriously starting to sound like the story of our lives.


So, Jordan and wife Lindsay created Momentary Ink, a temporary tattoo company that will create the custom design you've been eyeing so you can test drive it before committing to it FOREVER. And of course, the process is painless. It's a genius idea.

In case you are worried the tattoos might look, well, temporary, Momentary Ink sends along a sealing spray to help protect the tattoo as you live your life along with a matting solution, which adds a matte finish to the tattoo and really makes it look like the real deal. The tats can last up to 10 days. Here are some designs that Momentary Ink has created:


A photo posted by @momentary_ink on

They look awesome, right?! Momentary Ink is def going to change the way that people look at getting inked and hopefully reduce the amount of I-wish-I-didn't tattoos. #NoRegrets


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