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4 Reasons Why You Should Binge-Watch 'Jane the Virgin', Like, Yesterday

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​Let me start off this list by saying that I binge-watched Jane the Virgin's first season in, like, three and a half days, so I may have missed some smaller details, but let's start the list on why you should be watching this flippin' awesome show.

1. It's Called Jane the Virgin
If the title of the show doesn't get you interested in watching, I may be slightly judging you. Also, how does a virgin get pregnant?

2. A Good Portion of the Cast Is not White
Jane the Virgin Crowd at the First UltrasoundI don't know about everyone else, but I really appreciate the representation of people of color on a popular cable TV channel, and that's a fresh sight instead of just a lot of snow on the screen. Plus, Gina Rodriguez isn't super skinny so there's a size diversity as well.

3. Every Story Intertwines
At the beginning of the show, we see like three different stories going on. Jane has been dating Michael for two years, Petra and Rafael have been married for four years and Luisa is happily married to a woman. Jane works for Rafael at the hotel his dad just bought and has a little bit of a crush on him as well. It's so flipping confusing at times, though.

4. It Uses (and Makes Fun of) Telenovela Tropes
Jane the Virgin episode 1x10 Jane watches telenovelas, and a lot of tropes are used in this. The narrator in the show is also very self-aware at times and will explain them.

If you're now pretty sure about wanting to watch this show, it airs on Mondays on The Cw at 9/8c.
You can also watch season one on Netflix and catch up on the first episodes of season 2 on Hulu Plus.
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