This Awesome Face Mask Only Takes 15 Seconds to Use

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Face masks are great in theory, but dedicating 20 minutes to the cause is harder than it sounds. Sometimes, we just want to binge watch American Horror Story without the interruption of scrubbing clay out of our weird face crevices. Hey, we're human.

Thankfully, there's a new product out there that condenses the benefits of a face mask into a tonic that can literally be splashed on in the shower. And it works in just 15 seconds. YAS.
Glow RecipeGlow Recipe
It's called a Patting Splash Mask by Blithe (Glow Recipe, $48) and it comes in three formulas: Rejuvenating Purple Berry, Energizing Citrus & Honey and Soothing & Healing Green Tea.

In the shower, you fill the cap up and pour it into your palm, splash it on your face and then pat it for about 15 seconds. Afterward, you pat again, this time with clean water. Super easy, right?

It works,too: We tested the green tea mask and immediately felt it get to work. It's like a refreshing wake-up call for your skin. After the shower, our skin was soft AF. We'll chalk this up to the lactic acid, which hydrates and improves skin texture.

The concept of the splash mask is actually a very old one - in Korea, women have been splashing rice water on their faces after cleansing for centuries, as explained in this video.

The masks are delicate enough to use every day, but we still don't think they will take the place of a deep pore-cleansing charcoal mask in our beauty routines. Quicker isn't always better!

But add these puppies to your daily shower ritual and you'll have smoother, softer skin on the reg.



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