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5 Reasons You Are Totally Over This Semester

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By this point in the semester, you're probably pulling your hair out and re-considering your career goals. How do I become a judge on Chopped? Like you definitely don't need a degree for that, you're probably thinking as you lazily lie on the couch, watching the Food Network, instead of finishing your homework. The more work you have to do, the more you want to put it off. We've all been there; trust me, I'm there with you now! Here are five reasons we are totally over this semester:
1. Your cute fall wardrobe isn't being put to use as your outfits to class consist of hoodies and Adidas sweatpants. Total effort put in there (that was sarcasm my friends)!

2. You live in Starbucks and not for the good reasons. You spend four-plus hours there on a daily basis in between classes, listening to the smooth jazz they have piped into their speakers, while writing your 14-page literature review, smelling like coffee for the rest of the day.

3. You go to bed late and wake up early everyday, and this never-ending cycle causes you to have not-so-fashionable bags under your eyes and coffee as your best friend.
4. You have sticky notes all over your planner and laptop with mini to-do lists. Sometimes we need a little reminder to respond to e-mails...that's normal, right?

5. You actually stay in on Friday nights - and not for wine night. You're staying in because you know if you don't get a chunk of your schoolwork done now, you'll end up having a mini panic attack come Sunday night when you have 5-foot pile of assignments that need to get done.
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