11 Emotional Stages of Trying to Perfect Your Cat-Eye

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When it comes to putting on makeup, there isn't a single technique more difficult to master and more frustrating to complete than the cat-eye. It's stylish, it's classic, and it's adorable with just about any look. But you might as well try and repaint the Mona Lisa than get your cat-eye perfect. Many ladies will tell you they've got the look down, and will give you advice on how to master it yourself, but the truth is that everyone does it differently. Even the best of the best makeup artists struggle to make symmetrical wings every once and a while. Because of that, we couldn't resist but to outline the 11 emotional stages of trying to create your best lined look.

1. Feeling Overly Confident
I am ready for this. I was born ready. I've spent the past two hours watching makeup tutorials and doing finger stretches to make sure my hands are limber and ready. I'm basically a makeup goddess. Maybe they'll give me a prize for how amaze-balls my cat-eye looks.

2. Deciding How to Start
cluelessOK, here we go. Gotta make sure I start this off right. Starting is the hardest part, but once I'm out of the woods, it's smooth sailing. Let's do the wing first and get the hardest part over with.

3. Keeping With Simple Technique
I can't really see with one of my eyes closed, but I'm sure I can create a nice little triangle-wing and then connect it back across my lid. Oh no, that's way too thick...I look like I have a strange disease that can only be described as the Eye Plague. Was that even a thing? Did medieval people even wear eyeliner?

4. Quick, Rub It Off Before It Dries!
arrested developmentApparently I don't know how to draw a triangle. It's OK; I got my makeup wipe at the ready, so I just have to trim off some of the sides to make the wing a little less bold and misshapen. Oh gosh, now it smudged! It won't come off! Makeup 911, help a sister out!

5. Committing to a Thick, Screwy Line
Harry StylesIn the famous words of Tim Gunn, I must make this work. I wanted my cat-eye to be a little more subtle today, but I guess I'm going bold on this one. Gotta fix that smudge by making the line thicker, and now I'm bring it back to make the rest of the liner on my lid thicker.

6. Looking like Amy Winehouse
Fresh princeShe could pull it off, but I definitely can't.

7. Frantically Reaching for the Tape
I wiped off as much as I can, and I'm going to try this again with tape to make a straighter edge. Should have started off with the tape but that's OK. I'm living and learning. Rolling with the punches, and staying positive! Look at all the life lessons makeup can teach me.

8. Feeling Good About the Decision Until You Realize the Wings Are Asymmetrical

9. Trying ONE Last Time
OK, I just need to take a deep breath, and do this again. Breathe in and breathe out...

10. Having a Full-on, Mental Breakdown
Screw the person that conceived this trend and its impossible precision! Screw my eyeliner pen for lying to me about its abilities! I am never going to do this again, and I'm boycotting makeup until the end of my days! That's FOREVER.

11. Waking Up the Next Day Like...
grinchSo maybe I need to use an angled brush rather than an eyeliner pen...


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