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I Love Halloween so Much, I Have Two Costumes

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Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and favorite time of year. You how people say, "Tis the season" or "Happy holidays" during Christmas? Well, I say those things during Halloween!

As my parents become less and less involved in my financial situation, I have turned to a lot of makeup tutorials and DIY costumes to save money! But, sometimes, IMO, you still need to do a bit of shopping! So, this year, I am doing two costumes: One to go out with friends on Friday night and one for costume contest on Saturday night!

For Friday night, I purchased some really cool/cheap wings from a Halloween store and plan to be a dark/gothic fairy. I played around with the makeup last night, and it turned out like the picture above!

My wings are black and sort of scarlet colored feathers, so I channeled those two colors into my makeup look. I combined red, brown and purple eyeshadow to contour my entire face, added the same colors to my lids along with some intense black and gold, and used a matte black liquid lipstick and some gold shadow on my lips! I plan to add some "twigs" out of eyeliner under my eyes because I think the look needs a little more pop and a little more dark creepiness!

For my second costume, I have not tried the makeup out yet, but I plan on following a YouTube tutorial for two-face from Batman! A lot of tutorials on this character are based around the cartoon comic character, but I liked the idea of doing something more along the lines of the creepy half-burnt face Harvey Dent has in The Dark Knight.

WARNING: This next picture is a wee bit graphic!

Here is a picture of what I plan on doing, burnt collared shirt and all!:Image and video hosting by TinyPicTutorial by Bonnie Corban SFX here:

All you need for this is:
  • Liquid latex
  • An old shirt
  • Cheap plain acrylic nails
  • Bald cap (optional)
  • Cotton balls
  • Red, black, brown (burnt colors) paint or eye shadow
  • Fake blood

Let me know that cool things you guys are doing for your Halloween costumes!
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