Rock the 'Jem and the Holograms' Look This Halloween

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Last Friday's new movie premiere Jem and the Holograms had many people talking, not just about how this comic book revival came back to suit a modern audience, but how Jem got that amazing rocker look. With Sephora launching its new collection dedicated to the movie (complete with bold shadows, punky pink lip glosses and glitter everywhere) we are loving this '80s beauty comeback. Naturally with Halloween only days away, we are now putting Jem's pinked out persona on our list of possible costumes. But how do we match her style?

Luckily, Angela Lanter, a beauty blogger whose other Halloween tutorials are bomb, just came out with a new video teaching us how to master the Jem-appeal. In an interview with Cambio, Angela detailed how to get the style down perfectly for Halloween.

For Angela, the most important part of this look is, of course, the eyes. You wouldn't be Jem if you didn't have the clever pink mask used to hide her true identity from adoring fans.

"This look is all about those bright pink eyes. If you want to have a little extra fun, place a contrasting color on the inner corner of your eyes, such as a shimmery blue," she said.

When watching her tutorial, you'll see that Angela is definitely not shy with the glitter application around the eyes. Anastasia Beverly Hills Crème Color in Barbie Pink ($18, Macy's) is her base, but on top, she puts a glittery pink shadow and loose glitter.
jem and the hologramsThe pink design around the eyes is also a very specific shape that we weren't so sure we could do freehand. And if you're not a makeup master like Angela, she had some pointers for that, too.

"If you're nervous about clean lines, use a piece of scotch tape placed on your face to get those sharp lines," she said. "Stick the tape first to the back of your hand to remove some of the stickiness, then apply to your face."

By framing the tape around your face in a similar shape to Angela's, you can achieve the same look with precise, crisp lines.

But what about the rest of her face? Why is she putting her foundation and concealer on last? Turns out, there is a good reason.

"When doing eye makeup, you'll sometimes have product fall out," Angela said. "Instead of having to clean up your lines or any fall-out on your already finished face, I like to wait until the eyes are complete to perfect the rest of the face."

With so much glitter, there is sure to be a lot of fall out, so make sure the rest of your face comes last. To pick up some of the glitter that may have fallen on your cheeks, you can use even more tape or a damp cloth to catch stray pieces without messing up your look!

To see the rest of Angela's tutorials, be sure to check out her channel here!


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