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8 Life Hacks for Those Uh-Oh Moments

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Here are some simple hacks to help you tackle life's common problems. It gets easier; we promise!

Sweat Stains
You have to admit, we've all encountered this problem before. It may be embarrassing, it may make us feel uncomfortable and it may ruin your favorite top. But don't throw it out before trying this remedy!

Yes, lemons can be used for things other than lemonade. Take half a lemon, squeeze out all the juice, wet the stain a little and rub the lemon on the stain. You could also do this before putting your item in the laundry. Lemons have natural acid and essential oils which can clean and deodorize really well.

Let the shirt dry, and your sweat stain should be gone!

Wrinkled Clothes
Wrinkles are only cute on bulldogs, not on your outfit. If you're like me and crumble all your clean laundry into a ball and shove it into a drawer, you're probably going to find this trick handy when you're rushing to class in the morning and have no time to turn on the iron.

Take a spray bottle with water and lightly spray the wrinkled area. After making the item a little damp, stretch it out (gently! we don't want any rips), and put it on. It'll dry within five minutes and be wrinkle free!

Stuck Zippers
Zippers, those toothy monsters that are always causing a problem. Take a graphite pencil and rub the tip up and down the entire zipper. It should lubricate the zipper making it easy to zip!

Long Dressing Room Line
Shopping for jeans and want to avoid the zoo that is a dressing room? The circumference of your waist is twice the size of your neck. I know, sounds weird, but I'll get to the point in a second.

Take the jeans and hold them up by the waist. Wrap the waist band around your neck to measure. If the waist wraps around your neck, the jeans will fit. If the waist is to big to wrap perfectly around your neck, the jeans will be too big. If the waist doesn't quite wrap around your neck, the jeans could be a bit snug. People might look at you as if you are crazy, standing over in the corner putting jeans around your neck. But trust me; you'll save tons of time and trips to return and exchange.

Shoe Blisters
Getting a new pair of shoes is always one of the things that we can look forward to every season. The fun part is buying them and taking them home. The not so fun part is breaking them in.

Wear a pair of dress socks underneath your cotton socks. The dress socks are breathable and will lessen the friction between your skin and the new shoe. Rocking your new boots to class won't be as painful!

Fuzz Balls
One of the most annoying thing about washing your clothes is pulling them out of the dryer with fuzz balls stuck all over. Instead of attempting to pick them off one by one, try this: Take a dull razor, like a women's disposable shaving razor, and literally shave the fuzz of! It'll leave your clothing looking fresh and new.

Shrinking Clothes
Ever accidentally shrunk your favorite sweater? A common mistake made when we are shopping for cottons is buying a snug size without remembering that it will shrink in the wash! Soak your clothing in hot water and massage it with hair conditioner for five minutes. Let it soak for another five minutes, rinse, and let it air dry. It should fit you again in no time.

Chapped Lips
EOS just doesn't cut the cake anymore. Take a green tea bag, wet it a little bit with warm water, and place it on your lips for five to seven minutes. The green tea will ease the burn and help to naturally bring back moisture. Pout no more!
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