We Dropped the Supposedly Shatterproof New Phone...and Here's What Happened

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Did you believe that there's actually a shatterproof phone out there?

Today, Motorola's newest phone, the Droid Turbo 2, will be available to purchase in all Verizon stores and on the Verizon website.

And it turns out that the rumors are true: The new Turbo does have a five layer screen that is guaranteed not to crack or shatter, dubbed the Moto ShatterShield. Catchy. As far as we know, it's the first smartphone to offer that guarantee.

So, is it shatterproof or not? Drumroll, please...

We couldn't crack it, and we tried by dropping it on a hardwood floor a few times from about four feet in the air. So, we're going to say that yes, the ShatterShield seems to hold up pretty well via our very scientific test results!


And if you were worried about spills, the phone is treated with a water-resistant coating...but we're guessing that if you drop it in the toilet (hey, it happens) you're out of luck.

The 21 MP camera also promises to take amazing photos, and the 5 MP wide-angle front-facing camera is designed to fit more people in the frame...so you don't need a selfie stick.


The Droid Turbo 2 is also super customizable - you can pick the material of your hardcase (including pebbled leather) as well as choose from a bunch of colors.

And - this is starting to sound like a bad informercial - wait, there's more: The Turbo 2 also has a 48-hour battery, and if you're under a time crunch, you can charge your phone with 13 hours of battery in 15 minutes using TurboPower. Motorola claims it's the fastest charging smartphone on the market, according to test results from July 2015.

The Droid Turbo 2 starts at $624, off contract. Currently, Verizon is offering a limited-time trade-in offer that could earn you up to $300 off your purchase of a Turbo 2...and that includes existing phones with cracked screens!

With all this swag, Apple's going to have to seriously step its game up.

Full disclosure: Verizon has acquired Cambio's parent company, AOL, but we only report on their stuff when we think it's cool AF.


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