'OMG' Singer Todd Carey Wrote Which One of Meghan Trainor's Hit Songs?

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O-M-G, we think we have a crush on Todd Carey.

Best known for his pop hit, "Nintendo," the Illinois native singer-songwriter is ready to bring the heat again. "When you write songs, you can come at it a million different ways," he said about his second single, "OMG," off of his upcoming album, Future Throwback. "Some songs are totally personal and some are fiction."

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? "Obviously there is some personal experience there, but where reality starts and where fiction begins - it's always a fine, blurry line. I'm going to kind of leave that to the 'OMG' one. A little bit of mystery." The song is definitely a heartbreak song, but it has a strong reggae-pop feel to it, too.

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Todd has toured with big names like Fall Out Boy, John Mayer and Jason Mraz. "I like to think that it's informed by the great pop writers of western music," Todd said about his musical influences. "I like to think Paul McCartney shines through that, but also someone as new as Ed Sheeran."

He isn't a rookie when it comes to the music business. "I went to school for music, but when I first graduated college I was teaching guitar. That lasted for like a year and my manager convinced me to quit and focus full time." Sometimes we all need that little extra motivation, right? "It was so scary, but looking back, that was so key! You never think you're ready and I kind of had to get pushed."

The "OMG" singer writes, or at least co-writes, all of his own songs. But that doesn't mean he can't write for other people, too. Meghan Trainor's team heard some of Todd's work and was hooked. "They caught wind of something I was working on and they really liked it and ran with it," he said about Meghan's "3am." He wrote over 70 songs for his upcoming album, Future Throwback. "It was always the random one, like '3am.' Now it's on her album and that's crazy!"
Adding to the craziness, Todd is hosting an online concert on October 30 for his fans! "It's something that's super unique, but it adds to my music. I'm calling it the OMG concert. The show's an hour and I'll have special guests." On top of hosting the online concert, Todd will also be taking over Cambio's Instagram on October 30.

"I can't wait! I'm so excited," he told us. "I take Instagram very seriously, as a lot of people do. I've got a few surprises planned."

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