Luxuriate While You Work with a Reclining Desk Chair

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Cubicles are so 2015.

That's the idea behind Sonoma County, California-based company Altwork, who wants to change the way we physically do computer work with the Altwork Station. The convertible workspace is designed to adjust to your level of comfort, whether that's sitting, standing or completely reclining. Currently the products are available for pre-order, to arrive next year.

When reclined, the 27-inch computer monitor hangs above your face (so don't go home and try to DIY it with a Lay-Z-Boy), while the keyboard, mouse and mousepad stay secure with magnets, according to this Wired writer who got to test the workstation out himself. Lucky.

While they sound awesome, the creators say that these desks were created for "high-intensity" computer users - that is, those who spend more than four hours each day in front of a computer. The creators say that engineers and digital designers are two professions that could benefit from an Altwork Station, but with all the time we spend doing homework in bed, we think that students could make some good use out of it, too!

Check out the video, where you can see the V futuristic alien-esque recliner roll out from underneath the seat.

The list price for one of these chairs is $5,900, but if you buy it now, you can get it at an "early adopter" price of $3,900.

Not cheap, but worth it for a cozy workspace?



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