#RelationshipGoals Much? Dove Cameron on Making Music With Her BF

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Talk about #RelationshipGoals!

Dove Cameron and her beau Ryan McCartan, who she met on her Disney Channel series "Liv and Maddie," have taken their relationship to a whole new level. The pair have decided to form a musical duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Dove sat down and gave us the scoop on everything, from the moment they decided to sing together to their first music video ever.

"We had no money and had one day to shoot it," Dove said when we asked about their video for "Written in the Stars." "We needed to contain it and had a simple concept that we came up with. We produced it ourselves and our two best friends edited and directed." Everyone has their own interpretation on things as always, but "Ryan and I viewed it as two different things. For me, it started off in a picture frame - we're art. We're not free. It was what somebody else wanted us to be. It's sort of taking all those things and making your own choices, breaking the rules and making your life your own." Dove's message for the video was simple: "Learn how to live the life you want to life."
Starting a duo with someone you're in a relationship with is kind of risky, on the off chances that the band or relationship doesn't work. "I always wanted to do music, but I was never like 'I want it to be my own thing. I want my sound to sound like this. I want to go solo.' I didn't have any idea, I just knew I wanted to do music."

But sometimes an idea strikes you when you least expect it. "When he and I were sitting in New York at a sushi restaurant, Blue Fin, at Times Squares, we were like 'We never see each other.'" The couple has unofficially talked about how they want to spend the rest of their lives together: "That's how I feel right now and that's what's important and that's how he feels. We started talking about tour buses and never separating, recording studios and performing together. This is the life we both wanted. This was one of the only things we could have control over - our own music and our content. That was the idea behind it - we could do it alone, but we didn't want to."

They only announced The Girl and the Dreamcatcher in September, but get ready to see way more of them before the year comes to an end. "We have a couple videos coming out before the end of the year, two hopefully. We haven't shot them yet, but we have to because they're holiday related. We have maybe three music videos coming out before the halfway point of 2016."
And did we mention they're doing this without a major label? "Right now, we're independent," the 20-year-old actress said."We weren't really ready to have a label throw their hat in the ring when we were just starting out, we wanted to find out who we were first." While she loves acting and wouldn't have any other career, she has a different kind of love for music. "It's your own thing completely. You're writing your own music, you're producing it and then you just put it out there." She also was aware of the whole duo couple dynamic. "Who's ready to take us on?! We're a couple duo. Are you kidding me? No label is trying to sign that off the bat. We had to prove ourselves. If we want to find a label, then that'll happen. If we don't, we're having fun."

Dove said her personal musical influences don't technically reflect the duo, but we think they do a little. "Marina and the Diamonds, I think they're so good! A little bit of Ellie Goulding. I love Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. Listen to them! They're incredible." She may have just started the duo, but it sounds like she knows what she's doing. "I found that the most successful stuff has a commercial element, but you bring your own to it. It's about putting your own spin on it."

We can't wait to hear more from The Girl and the Dreamcatcher!


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