Selena Gomez Has Hope, Still Wants to Marry Justin Bieber One Day?

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Is it too late to say sorry? Selena Gomez has nothing but nice things to say about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber these days, and that could be because she still has hope for their future.

According to new reports, Sel isn't fully over the Biebs and actually thinks they'll still get married one day. A source told OK! magazine that, "Selena freely admits that Justin is the love of her life, the official line is that she's just waiting for him to grow up and see sense before they get back together."

The source also added, "Selena is desperate to marry Justin and spend the rest of their lives together. No other guy comes even close."

Ah, we could see how she still has faith and feelings! That ish just doesn't go away, ya know? BUT she's also hella strong. As if not getting back with Justin for the 100th time doesn't prove that, her good friend just passed away and she STILL managed to put on a face and walk a red carpet for her other BFF. She also posted a touching message explaining her pain and how sad she was on Instagram.

Justin and Selena have been talking about each other a lot lately. Not only have they talked each other up in interviews, but they also surprised fans by dropping a surprise collaboration together. Listen to that, here.

Do you think Jelena should reunite? Think they ever will? #NeverSayNever
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