LOL! Who Knew There Was Another Kardashian Sister? Meet "Karla Kardashian"

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Of all the Kardashian rumors that are always swirling, how did we never hear about the lost sister? Meet Karla Kardashian!

All right, so it's really just Ellen DeGeneres doing a hilarious spoof where she inserts herself into the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but it's crazy funny and she looks like she'd fit right into the famous fam - except for those '70s glasses. Those have GOT to go, girl!
"That's right, I'm the lesser-known Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian with a K, cause we're known for our double K's. These are double K's," she jokes as she points to her Kardashian cleavage.

And if you're wondering where she got those shoes? They're 'Kim's old Shape-ups.' If you're new to the Kardashian fandom and that doesn't ring a bell, don't worry. She's making a joke about Kim's Skechers Shape-Ups Super Bowl commercial from 2012.

We also didn't realize all of the epic Kardashian moments in history that Karla was cropped out of. Like KimYe's engagement and some of the famous KUWTK promo shots. LOL!

This Karla seems kool, we kinda wish she WAS on the show!
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