Want to Be Kylie Jenner for Halloween? This Tutorial Makes It Super Easy!

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Still haven't settled on a Halloween costume? How about going as Kylie Jenner?

Given that the reality star is one of the most popular people on the planet, everyone will definitely appreciate the costume and it's fairly easy to do.

In this Entertainment Tonight tutorial, a makeup artist gives a step-by-step tutorial to becoming Kylie. It starts with the lips, obviously. They create a plump look by over-lining the lips, which is what Kylie was doing before she got lip injections and it creates a really cool effect of bigger lips without actually getting injections.

Next, the eyes. Kylie generally goes for a nude eye look, while the focus is mainly on her picture perfect brows. If your brows aren't already on fleek Kylie style, go ahead and draw them on. Use a brow pencil and go for a fierce arch, because that's part of Ky's signature look.

Lasy, you need some serious lashes. If you really want your lashes to look like Kylie's - go big or go home!

The simple tutorial shows some really handy tips to create a look that's totally - as they put it, #Jennerized!

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