This Wearable Shows You How Eco-Friendly You Are

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Are you tight with Mother Earth? The new wearable from Layer, called WorldBeing, is going to let you know.

The wearable tracks your carbon consumption in real time, taking into account the clothes you wear, the food you eat and the way you travel, creating "carbon clouds" to help you envision your carbon footprint. The size of the cloud varies on the size of an individual purchase. As you progress throughout the day, the clouds turn from cool to warm to remind you of the impact of your actions on global warming.

Worldbeing also wants to partner with apps like Google Maps to track travel and My Fitness Pal to get access to its food database.
LayerThe cute confetti-patterned wristband is made from injection molded recycled e-waste which, the company says, the world produces 20 to 50 tons of a year, and the screen is a super low-power E Ink display.

To build the best data into the app, the smart AF people at Layer partnered with the Carbon Trust, an organization that specializes in carbon footprints, according to Fast Company.

"In order to successfully address the challenge of climate change we will need to find ways to help people live more sustainable lifestyles, as individuals and collectively as citizens, employees and communities," Aleyn Smith-Gillespie, associate director of the Carbon Trust, said in a press release.

WorldBeing sees itself playing a role in almost every aspect of your life, even serving as a contactless payment device, which you can see envisioned in this video. Worldbeing's carbon-conscious world imagines restaurants, supermarkets and retail stores listing the carbon footprints of their products and services.

It's hard to imagine those kinds of major changes taking place in the very near future, but if this product can get people to think more about the way their lifestyle affects the environment, then Layer will have gotten us one step closer to preserving the earth.



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