5 Makeup Hacks to Make Sure Your Eyeliner Doesn't Budge

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Eyeliner looks so fierce when it's done right, but it's also one of the most temperamental products to work with. From gels to pencils to liquid, every and all eyeliners run the risk of looking muddy, smudged and flaky by the end of the day. How do you apply your eyeliner to get a long lasting look that won't turn into raccoon eyes before you get home? There are a few tricks that you can add to your morning routine to make sure that Taylor Swift cat-eye you worked so hard on stays in place all day.

1. Use Waterproof Liner
If you find that your skin is a bit oily, this could definitely be contributing to your eyeliner running. The best solution is to find an eyeliner that is waterproof. This isn't completely foolproof when it comes to oil, but waterproof liner is proven to have more longevity when faced with most of the things we encounter during our day than other formulas.

Tip: Experiment with different liner formulas as well. I've always found that pencils have more of a tendency to run from above my lashes to underneath my eye, despite the fact that I have very dry skin. Liquid eyeliner is more likely to stay in place and not budge once it dries. But if you're a little weary when it comes to using those fine point pens, gel is a pretty decent substitute with wear that lasts nearly as long.
Portrait of female eyes2. Prime Your Lids
This is a MUST, and we cannot stress this enough. If you want any makeup to stay in place, including your eyeliner, you need to add primer! Primer will not only hold onto makeup pigments, it'll keep them from running throughout the day.

Tip: To add even more security to your eyeliner, top off your look with a finishing spray. Urban Decay makes a great one ($30, Sephora) that will keep your makeup in place when faced with the greatest threats to your liner.
Laughing woman3. Further Set Your Liner With Eye Shadow
This is a great hack to keep your perfect line from smudging. After applying your eyeliner, take an eye shadow shade that closely matches it, and lightly apply it directly over the line. Use a small angled brush for more precision, especially if your eyeliner is winged. Powder is always great to set any formula, and eye shadow is no exception!

4. Add a Finishing Powder Under Your Eyes
Finishing powder doesn't just help to set your concealer; it can also create a barrier between the makeup under your eyes and the makeup on your lids. If you use a liquid concealer, you're adding another formula to your face that can cause your eyeliner to run. The best way to fix this is to top your concealer off with a finishing powder, so the surface is no longer slick enough to grab onto eyeliner pigments and drag them under your eyes.
Make up5. Use Eyeliner on Your Waterline and Shadow Under Your Lower Lashes
The easiest way for eyeliner to give you those dark circles is if you smudge too much of it underneath your lower lash line. To prevent this from happening, use liner for your waterline (the area on your lower lid underneath your eye) and shadow for beneath your lower lashes to get your desired smokey eye look without things looking messy later. Use that same small angled brush for your shadow for more precision and less fall-out in the future.

And of course, be sure to prime and set before and after application.


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