4 Monstrously Good Halloween Hair Tutorials

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It seems like the Internet is full of makeup tutorials and suggestions for you to do this Halloween, but what about your hair? If you don't want to spend money on a wig that you'll likely only wear once, what you do to your 'do is crucial this Oct. 31. And if you're thinking you want to do something bold with your locks to make your costume even more stellar, we've compiled some of the best YouTube tutorials to help style your hair.

A lot of these feature makeup and costume suggestions as well (which is very helpful), but if you've got all that together, just focus on the way they do their hair. It's gorgeous! And the best part is, you can definitely do it, too.

The Mystical Mermaid

We have seen so many crazy-amazing makeup suggestions for a mermaid look that puts even Ariel to shame, but how do you get those other-worldly waves? Jackie Wyers has some really great suggestions.

To perfect your very own seashell fishtail braid, starting with second day hair is a MUST because it holds product better. Using a curling wand and then holding the curl in your hand while it cools, before setting it loose and separating the strands will create the ultimate beachy waves. Texture tease spray can help fluff up hair more, so it looks more natural and less styled.

The fishtail braid starts out like your regular fishtail, with a small section of hair from the top of your head. Once you start french fishtailing and you reach where your part ends, you can start plumping up the braid to as thick as you want it. Fishtail until you reach the end of your hair strand, and tie it with a small hair tie. To create the seashell, start twirling the hair under and rest it on top of your head. Put a bobby pin to the front of the shell, pushing it through the swirl to set it in place. Finish with a sea salt spray and you're "Under the Sea" ready!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

If you want to rock Audrey Hepburn's iconic look from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Tess Christine has you covered!

To start her simplified look, she grabs a section of the front of her hair and back combs it for Audrey's voluminous poof that was so mod during the '60s. Pin the poof back with some bobby pins to keep it in place. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail that rests at the top of your head. Then, take your trusty doughnut ring and place it over the ponytail to the base. Flip your hair over, and fasten it to the bun with another hair tie, taking the rest of your hair and lightly twisting it around the bun. Finish it off with a small crown, and you're ready for Tiffany's.

Oh, Sandy!

Sandy's look at the end of Grease is the definition of sexy, but how do you get those teased up curls to match your skin-tight pants? Bridgette Wuest offers a few ideas.

If you want Sandy's tight, bouncy curls, a smaller barrel curling iron will be your new best friend. Bridgette uses a 1/2-inch curling iron. Curl the rest of your head, and once you're done, tease, tease, and tease some more. To lift your hair even further, twist some of the pieces and pin them up to give your hair even more bounce. Spray it until it's secure, and go find your Danny!

The Flouncy Flapper

If you decided to go with the classic, chic look of a flapper for this Halloween, but your hair isn't exactly cut into a bob, have no fear, Tess offers yet another amazing hair tutorial to take you back to the roaring '20s.

Second day hair, once again, is a must because it's so much easier to curl! Instead of letting your curls loose, catch them before they cool, and pin them onto your head. This step will keep your curls nice and bouncy, which is essential to this look. To make your hair look shorter, take sections of your hair after it is fully curled and twist them, pinning them back up to your head. Using a mirror to look at the back of your hair will help to make sure you didn't miss a piece. Take a headband and fasten it around your head, while unpinning some of the curls at the top of your head. You're going to repin them again, so that you can get a more sophisticated up-do. Add a feather to your headband, and you're all Gatsby glamour!


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