Rihanna's Favorite Designer Is Now Putting Credit Card Chips in Clothes, Because Obvi

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Fashion mixing with functionality is not a new concept. Think the Apple Watch or Google Glass (not so cute, but still very tech savvy fashion). Well, Rihanna's favorite designer Adam Selman may have changed the game completely creating a new fashion line that can only be described as retail inception. Partnering with MasterCard, Adam is now creating a futuristic clothing and accessory line that doubles as a credit card.

That's right. The clothes that you bought with your credit card can now be a credit card...that will buy more clothes.


Right now, Adam's collab with MasterCard features a few pieces of wearable currency, including a dress that comes in two patterns, sunglasses, gloves, earrings and a clutch. In all of these pieces, Adam is putting a mobile payment chip in the seams that is fully functional. (For MasterCard members, of course).
The line, which first premiered on Monday at Las Vegas' Money 20/20 Conference, is a fun mix of classically inspired fashions and modern technology. The sunglasses have a '50s cat-eye shape, while the dresses are fastened with bows that help to keep the chip in place. The gloves, which have a yellow and black checkered pattern hold the chip inside of the palm of the hand.

This totally gives a new definition to swiping.

"[MasterCard] gave me total leeway; the idea was less about a specific product than about changing how we think about paying, which is what designers need to do: Push boundaries, think about what's next." Adam told The New York Times.
Adam's line contributes to a bigger project by MasterCard designed to replace the cash and plastic we are always carrying around. Right now, Adam is the only designer on board, but MasterCard has also recruited Ringly, Nymi, General Motors and Trackr to incorporate its new chip into their products as well.

"This program eliminates boundaries of how we pay by delivering a secure digital payment experience to virtually anything-rings, fitness and smart bands, car key fobs, apparel and whatever comes along next," said Ed McLaughlin, MasterCard's chief emerging payments officer.

Right now, the line is set to come out in 2016, but there isn't an exact date just yet. Bottom line: Don't cut out the plastic just yet. After all, you're going to need it to buy Adam's pieces.


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