These Are the Things That Will Get You Unfollowed on Instagram

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A recent study by the Intel Corporation and Lineage Labs puts the picture-taking habits of our photo-obsessed generation into numbers, as reported by Refinery29, and the results might surprise you.

Here's the breakdown: Americans take the most photos of friends and family at 29 percent, followed by vacation pics at 20 percent. Following that: 19 percent of pics are kids, 13 percent are pets, 6 percent are selfies and 4 percent are food.

Hold up - that selfie number doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, for Americans aged 18–24, the number of selfies jumps to 16 percent of their photos, which sounds...a lot more accurate.

Some other findings on how we share those photos are also interesting: Americans our age share 53 percent of their photos on Facebook, 31 percent on Instagram, 25 percent on Snapchat and 15 percent on Twitter. All that adds up: 30 percent of the total photos and videos taken by 18–24 year olds are shared via social media. #MindBlown

Perhaps the most scary of these facts is how many people have unfollowed someone for posting too many selfies, which is a whopping 58 percent.


Other things that will get you unfollowed: political, religious/inspirational and food pics. Hey, we're just the messenger.

One in four people has unfollowed someone at some point for oversharing on social media. So next time you post a selfie, you better ask yourself the question: Will this put my follower count in jeopardy?!


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