These Middle School Girls Are Smart AF

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The 2015 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge took place earlier this month, and there were some pretty intelligent young scientists present. I was impressed that I figured out how to how put together my IKEA shelf all by myself this week, meanwhile a ninth grader figured out how to provide energy for third world countries using ocean waves.

The annual challenge is for young children, grades 5-8, and awards a winner every year, along with highlighting a group of finalists. There were tons of young female finalists this year (#BUILTBYGIRLS!), all of which could probably put together my IKEA shelf as toddlers. Here are the female finalists who slayed the challenge.

Hannah Herbst: An energy power plant that cost $12 to make

At just 15-years-old, Hannah was able to figure out how to use ocean waves to produce energy for the developing world, using a 3D printed propeller that is connected by a pulley to a hydroelectric generator. This idea was inspired from learning that her pen-pal in Ethiopia was living in energy-poverty, and it won her first place at the 3M Challenge.

Fast company reports that while the prototype (made of recycled material) doesn't produce a ton of electricity, "it has enough power to run a small desalination machine, turning ocean water into safe drinking water." You go, girl!

Sanjana V. Shah: Saving the world from floods

So while I'm busy worrying about when Taylor's next album will drop, Sanjana, a 12-year-old from California, is strategizing how to identifying areas in cities with poor drainage systems to prevent floods and damage from heavy rainfall.

She devised a method to analyze pipe-drain networks in cities to identify where heavy rainfall and flooding could potentially occur. Bye, bye, floods!

Amulya Garimella: Found the cure for procrastination

Do you have problems concentrating while working, studying, or doing anything aside of binge-watching Netflix? An 11-year-old named Amulya may have solved your issue with focusing.

She created a monitoring system that detects when your brain waves (called EEG waves) are distracted. You'll get an alert when this happens, giving you the push you need to snap back to focus and get your work done. Can I have this like, now?

Iris Gupta: The girl who will put Claritin out of business

At 12-years-old, Iris has already decided that Claritin and Benadyrl are for the birds. She has found that persons with allergies can rid their seasonal frustration by inhaling or injecting nanoparticles. What this will do will prevent allergens the ability to attach to your antibodies, causing your allergic symptoms to flare up. Someone get this to Harry!

Check out more inventions from the competition on 3M's website.


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