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Why I Stopped Watching Netflix

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I used to watch TV every night. Tuesday was Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, Wednesday was Law & Order on NBC and Thursday was Grey's Anatomy. I didn't discriminate between suspense, action and drama because it was all the same to me. I simply LOVED watching TV. I can honestly admit I probably re-watched five seasons of Grey's Anatomy this summer as well as started and finished several other series.

When I started college, I made an unconscious decision to stop watching TV. As I adjusted into dorm life, opening the Netflix app on my iPad, something I had done a million times, was suddenly not part of my routine. My free time was filled with working on my blog, reading fashion magazines and activities beneficial to my zen! This could be getting a smoothie with friends, going to yoga or even spending time in Central Park. I really feel like my life has drastically changed since saying NO to the screen and YES to life. I feel more present and less absorbed in TV drama. I no longer think about how Meredith is coping with Derek's death (whoops.. spoiler!). Anyway, I dare you to live one week without TV! Give it a try and tweet @redlipstatement your thoughts.
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