Ed Sheeran's Partying Ways Spark Concern From His Friends and Family

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Uh oh, mate! Ed Sheeran is reportedly ''worrying'' his family.

Our favorite ginger singer's cousin Jethro Sheeran recently talked to The Mirror about his family member. He made it clear that he is growing increasingly concerned about the 24-year-old singer's health. He claims the star's track "Bloodstream" is about taking the drug MDMA.

Remember those pictures of Eddie stumbling out of a party after the BRIT Awards back in February? Or did you hear him slurring his words while hosting this year's EMAs? His cousin opened up about those incidents.

''I was worried about him, I think he had had too much to drink. He was a bit embarrassed about it but what are you going to do? ''Ed is very open about drugs. He has said how he fell in love with a bean bag because he was on MDMA. That is what 'Bloodstream' is about, chemicals in his bloodstream.''

According to the Hamilton Spectator, Jethro claims that the amount of female attention Ed is receiving these days, since he split with Athina Andrelos, is confusing for Ed and is adding to the pressure he is under.

"It was tough for him when he split up with [Athina], he was quite into her, he took her to Ireland and met my grandma. Now he is getting used to the fact that everyone wants to get with Ed Sheeran. He is a bit confused because if he was a taxi driver I don't think that would happen. I think they fall in love with his voice."

It's all good, though. Ed is reportedly heading off for an extended break in West Africa. Apparently Jethro claims that Eddie just wants to "sit at home and watch movies" during his break, which will begin on New Year's Day. The singer's schedule has been nonstop since 2011, so Jethro claims that his famous cousin is looking forward to dropping off the grid for a while.

Ed reportedly likes the music coming out of Ghana and is looking forward to being able to relax "where there is going to be no pressure. He just doesn't want to be recognized."
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