Here's Everything You Need to Know About Pubic Hair Grooming

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Interested in having an impeccably groomed vag? Social media star Sjana Earp recently created an informative and shame-free tutorial to address all of your vagina primping needs.

In the 11-minute clip she posted to YouTube titled "Girl Talk — Hair Removal and Pubic Hair," Sjana emphasizes the need for open dialogue on pubic hair while encouraging women to own their personal grooming decisions, whether they opt to keep everything au naturel or choose to remove the hair down there by shaving or waxing.

"I'm going to make it completely normal to talk about pubes," Sjana said. "Media and society may try to convince you or tell that it isn't normal to have body hair. It is. It's completely natural, it's completely normal and it's healthy."

With all the available suggestions on vag maintenance cropping up everywhere, girls and women should be well-equipped to tackle any vag-related issues. On the one hand, we have Gwyneth Paltrow touting the benefits of steaming your lady parts, while vagina contouring (known as "vontouring") has become a real thing — seriously.

Toss in the wearable tech that works out the vajayjay while assessing your ability to properly execute Kegels, along with the LOONCUP that keeps you on point with your period activity, and there's no way your vagina won't be in tip-top condition.

Kudos to Sjana for showing girls and women that there should be absolutely no shame in vag talk.

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