40 Girls Got Dress-Coded in One Day for Wearing Leggings

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Every girl knows that leggings are everything. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can go to the gym in them, sleep in them, literally whatever you need to do, you can rock your leggings.

Unfortunately, some schools aren't fond of the most versatile piece of clothing ever invented and many schools don't allow students to wear them at all.


At this school in Tennessee, though, over 40 girls got dress-coded in one day for wearing our favorite wardrobe staple. The leggings themselves aren't actually a violation, it's how they're worn that can land them in trouble. According to their dress code, "Leggings may be worn with appropriate dresses, skirts or shorts."

"The bottom line is, the tops weren't long enough. It didn't have anything to do with the leggings, it was what was (worn) over the leggings not meeting student dress code," a district spokesperson told The Tennessean.

The girls who were found to be in violation of the dress code were taken out of class and their parents/guardians were called. By the end of the day, only eight students did not meet the dress code.

No word on why so many people decided to wear leggings that day.

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