Does This Dress Look Like a Bunch of Vaginas or Do We All Just Have Dirty Minds?

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This woman was super excited about her colorful new dress and couldn't wait to show it to her husband. Unfortunately, when she did, he pointed out that the pattern....well, it looks like a whole bunch of vaginas.

"When I do find something that actually fits me properly, it feels like I am winning. 'The Dress' was a great fit and beautifully made and the color suited me, so it was feeling like a winning day to have found a dress I needed for some upcoming events," she told BuzzFeed. "Once I got home I put it on to show hubby and within half a second he was already laughing. I asked him what the laughing was all about and he said 'it looks like you are covered in giant vaginas!'"

Whoops! Now that you mention it...we can't see anything BUT vaginas.


After Sam posted it on her School Mum Facebook page, it quickly went viral, with sharing pics of themselves with "the dress" (not to be confused with #TheDress) in the comments.

Sam said that she purchased the maxi dress from the Australian department store MYER for $219, with the intent to wear it to some events she had coming up, and now the vagina thing is kinda killing it for her.

"If it was $50 I would have kept it and worn if for some fun and a laugh but $219 was a bit past my laugh budget," she told BuzzFeed. "So now I am without a dress. The funny thing was that one of the staff at Myer recognised me as the woman in the dress online and she had even commented on the Facebook post the night before. We all had a little giggle."

If you're just seeing a pattern, congratulations on being more mature than the rest of us.
Woman Accidentally Buys 'Vagina Dress,' Internet Loves It


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