Study Finds Girls With Annoying AF Moms Are More Successful

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If you're a girl who has an annoying AF mom constantly breathing down your neck about any and everything, you're probably so over the drama you can't even deal. But before you even think about dismissing her concerns with a deep sigh and an eye roll (behind her back, of course) then here's a reason she deserves a little more patience.

As reported by Seventeen, researchers at the University of Essex in England conducted a study that found that girls who have, shall we say, persistent moms had an increased likelihood of attending college and earning more money.

Now, if those odds don't stop you from giving your mom some major attitude, then we're not sure what will.
From 2004 and 2010, the researchers observed 15,500 girls aged 13 to 14 and according to The Daily Mail, those with "pushy" moms were less likely to become pregnant as teens. The study also found that those most affected by their mothers' staunch guidelines were less academically successful and had little to no support from friends or teachers.

OK, girls. The next time your mom barges into your room or secretly stalks your Instagram page, give her a break. Her nagging could benefit you in the long run.
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