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Why Every College Senior Should Watch 'St. Elmo's Fire'

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Haven't we seen it all in film and TV? We watched Troy and Gabriella graduate, Buffy go to college, and Cory and Topanga get married. I promise any college senior like myself that if you haven't seen the pack that is Leslie, Wendy, Billy, Jules, Alec and Kirby, then you've missed it all.
You'll love St. Elmo's Fire because how many movies truly depict being young, slightly careless while still trying to figure out what's next after college? It's what we all go through, but no one has ever told the story of the struggling college grad so well before (nor since).

From the moment of the opening scene, you'll become attached to the squad. You probably see your dysfunctional side and the refusal to really grow up in each of the characters. Who knows? Their post-grad lives may align with yours.

Like Billy, who is between plenty of dead-end jobs with a significant other and a baby, he can't seem to let college go at all. He's suffering the most because all he wants to do is simply go back.

Or Jules who will bring out your inner party girl because she is absolutely fabulous and has a spirit like no other. She was your roommate who would bring the huge bottle of Barefoot to a party and share it with you. She's also the friend that you may not know needs a helping hand every once in a while. You'll appreciate your friends more than ever post-grad. Remember to check on them.
​Wendy is the girlfriend you would do anything for and vice versa. She sometimes is too nice and gets run over, especially by Billy, but her pure heart and the amazing things she wants from her life will inspire you as you go off into the deep end that is post-grad life.
​Alec is the political science major who you would call your husband goals because he's perfect on paper, but he shows his true colors as he admits to cheating on his girlfriend Leslie. His change from a Democrat to a Republican while he works on a political campaign shows how much we might change after we graduate.

Leslie is kind of woman who we all aspire to be after graduation. She has a resume, and she's living with her boyfriend while pursuing a career in architecture. It's only when Alec begins to screw up that her new world becomes so uncertain and foggy.
Kirby finds an obsession with an older Georgetown alumni named Dale Biberman amid continuing to be a struggling student while he attends law school. Sometimes, it really is about the one that got away.
Kevin represents all of us out there who might be more OK with graduating and just going with the flow. His success is rooted in his happiness and nothing else at times. He either helps cooler heads prevail in the group or is providing the madness.
Post-graduate life is terrifying. Like, running out of guac at Chipotle terrifying.
But always know "you can always count on your friends. Don't ever let the fire go out."
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