Mystery Solved! Here's How McDonald's Makes McRib Patties

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McRib sightings are up!

Here's one of life's little fast food mysteries: how do they make a McDonald's McRib sandwich? Turns out, it's not as gross as we expected.

After some wild speculation and pics made the rounds online, McDonald's set the rumors straight in a YouTube video series last year called "Our Food. Your Questions."

The most asked question? How does the McRib get that bone-in look without the bones? It's all meat, as the video follows the process at the Lopez Foods production facility in Oklahoma City, with pork shown being ground down, mixed with ingredients...then formed into the signature shape to look like a rack of ribs.

So that's how they get the McRib to look like that!

Before you jump in your car, it's crucial to know that not every Mickey D's location serves them. How's that? (Can you imagine if only some Starbucks served the PSL?) Turns out, it's up to each individual franchise to decide whether or not to offer the seasonal item. And you thought all McDonald's were the same.

To find out how many miles you are from the nearest McRib, check out the McRib Locator.

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