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It's November, and we're all doing the same thing: looking at our photos from spring and summer, where festival season was thriving and you were tan. Remember how excited you were about that fringe vest you got from Nasty Gal'Ss 30% off sale? Now you're stuck inside in a turtleneck from 2010, binge-watching Gossip Girl so you can get some sort of inspiration to dress remotely fashionable this winter.

Fear not, fashionista; this new music app may hold you over this winter. Scrute It was just recently featured at TechCrunch Disrupt, and it's an online music community. No, this isn't Spotify. This product aims to truly connect you with people who have similar musical interests, prompting you to meet up at different concerts and festivals and swap planning secrets (PS, planning for Coachella can be a logistical nightmare, FYI.)

Scrute It aims to be a new way to discover music – through interaction. The platform is not just built to find new music, but build communities. We chatted with Co-founder Cloe Khawam, and she expressed how she came up with the idea to not just build a platform that had great playlists, but one that encouraged a true fan's feedback of a particular type of music or artist:

"I was studying late at night around two years ago, and I got this inspiration for a website revolving around music reviews. After a lot of research, I pivoted the idea to follow the current trends in the app/tech world. The idea to find people who like the same music came up, it had everything a potential user would want, meeting new people, being able to chat with them, etc."

Cloe also plans to practice what she preaches and keep the product improving based on what their users and communities desire, "We are always receiving suggestions from users of what they would like from the product. We will improve the product but always remain in the music domain."

When you sign up, the app prompts you to create a profile, then from there you can explore and find other users with similar music interests. The app could be found most useful during a music festival, when you're looking for organic criticism on new acts you want to try or maybe have never heard of before.

Would you use Scrute It to meet fellow The Weeknd lovers for your next concert? Give the app a try and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh.


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