Dad of the Year: Single Dad Learned to Style Hair for His Daughter

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Little girls look up to their dads. Pop's the one who fights off the monsters, kills the icky spiders, and treats them like the princess they truly are.

And while dads are good at so many things...I think girls around the world can agree that beauty/fashion is usually not one of those things (cut to dads, sitting outside fitting rooms, looking uncomfortable).

Well, maybe not ALL of them...Philippe Morgese is proving the whole world wrong with his impressive styling skills.

When his daughter Emma was very young, Philippe, a single father, knew that he would eventually have to learn how to style her hair on his own. He started by experimenting with hair clips and then gradually progressed on to ponytails.

In no time at all, Philippe was advancing to more elaborate braiding styles which won him not only his daughter's happiness, but also fascinated questions from other dads, who wanted to learn how to do what he did.
Philippe began teaching his own classes at a local beauty school that focused on educating a group of men in the art of hair-styling.

The classes received an overwhelmingly-positive response and is now being operated under the name "Daddy Daughter Hair Factory."
"I get a lot of credit for doing her hair and hear compliments about my role as a father because of it," he told Buzzfeed. "I want other dads to be able to experience that."

So...many...feels! This dad's commitment to his daughter is definitely getting the attention that it deserves.

We don't know about you, but we're even thinking about going down to Florida to get some hair advice too.

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