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8 Ways to Help Your Skin Survive the Winter Chill

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Falling brown leaves, chilled breezes, sizzling soups, warm coffee and white peaks of snow - the perfect scene of my personal heaven. Being cozy and cuddled up in warm quilts is always something I look forward to. Here are a few ways to make sure your beauty stays cozy and cuddled, too, this winter:

1. Moisturize Your Skin
Dry leaves look beautiful; dry skin doesn't. Make sure you use a good moisturizer daily, such as body butters, which are denser than lotions, or apply milk and honey for the natural moisture lock.

2. Put a Stop to Those Hot Baths
Hot, steaming water may soothe your muscles, but it burns the outer layer of skin, especially when it's sensitive due to the dryness. Swap the hot shower with lukewarm water (or mix one part hot water with three parts normal temperature water). It has nearly the same soothing effect without any harm.

3. Use Sunscreen
Sunbathing isn't something we typically think of in winter time, but the UV rays aren't as harmless in colder months as we may think. Use sunscreens while going out as your skin is dried and withered due to the cool temperatures and is more prone to the effects of the sun.

4. Oil Your HairJust like the skin, our hair needs special care in the chill. Massage your hair with "non-sticky" oils or any great oil like Dabur Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil at least one hour before taking a bath. It leaves the strands smooth, shiny and untangled.

5. Bundle Up
Make sure to cover your maximum body with something warm when going out. You can wear velvet tights under those pretty knee-length dresses you wanna show everyone. Cover your neck with high necks or scarves as it is the most temperature-sensitive area of our body.

6. Watch Your Food
Winter brings nuts! Loaded with good oils and vitamins, nuts and dried fruits are a great way to keep your inner self warm. Swap that extra caffeine and alcohol intake for hot chocolate and yummy soups.

7. Drink Warm Water

A cup of warm water is always better than every winter winter drink in the planet. It cleanses your body and hydrates, keeping you warm at the same time. Add a few drops of honey, cinnamon or lemon if you get bored with the plain taste.

8. Let Green Tea into Your Life
glass cup with fresh green tea
Known for its cancer-fighting power, green tea is the healthiest drink of the year. It is helpful in weight loss and digestion, too.

Winter is all about fun and warm memories. Make sure too capture it all because it comes only once a year!
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