This Playlist Is Scientifically Proven to Wake Your A** Up in the AM

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If at least one of the following is true for you, then pay attention. We're gonna drop some life-changing knowledge on you.

1. You have five alarms set on your phone, each set to go off within five minutes of the previous one.
2. You hit the snooze button at least three times before you actually get up.
3. You have woken up, showered and then climbed back in bed to doze for another 10 minutes.

OK, so, if you didn't say yes to at least one of these things, you're either a robot or a morning person (if it's the latter, we're extremely jealous). For the rest of us, there's this Spotify playlist, discovered via Refinery29, filled with songs scientifically proven to get your a** out of bed.

It's called "Wake Up" (directness is appreciated first thing in the AM) and it was made with the assistance of David M. Greenberg, a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge who studies the psychology of music. Demi Lovato's "Confident," Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Downtown" and Avicii's "Wake Me Up" (duh) are some of the energy-charged tunes that made their way onto the playlist.

If you want to make your own rise-and-shine playlist, David suggests going for songs that build in intensity to help you gradually wake up. Positive lyrics and strong beats are also a winning combo for success.

Give the playlist a shot and tell us if it works for you! Spotify got us feeling like:



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