So Scary! These Trick-or-Treaters Got Needles in Their Candy

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We're not gonna lie, when we were younger and went trick-or-treating, we got "the warning" from our parents that some people put things (like needles and razor blades) in the candy, so 'be extra cautious, only go to the houses you know blah blah blah...'

We really thought it was just something they said to keep up from staying out until all hours on Halloween and to keep us from eating so much candy.

Turns out, it really does happen. Yeah, we know... it sounds like an urban legend because who would actually DO that to kids, but people do - and they did this Halloween, too.
An assortment of wrapped halloween candy
One boy from Ontario, Canada, was eating a KitKat bar when he felt something hard inside of it. He spit it out to see what it was and it was a blade from a disposable razor. A teen in Ohio had the same thing happen to her with a Snickers bar.

In an equally disturbing discovery, five children in a Philadelphia suburb found what appeared to be sewing needles stuck inside of their Halloween candy. According to authorities are investigating to find out when the candy was tampered with (at the distribution or store-level or by the person handing it out) and are encouraging parents to check their kids' Halloween candy before they eat it.
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